Monday, December 31, 2007

In One Fell Swoop - The Story of Dispatch

About four years ago I was introduced to a band by the name of Dispatch. I had never heard of them before and I really didn't know why.

The three guys Brad Corrigan, Pete Heimbold and Chad Urmston got into contact through the bands Hermit Trush and Woodriver Bandits and are now known as Dispatch. It was not sure if this kind of music gonna works. All three played guitar and sang and that is not normal for a band. So they tried out other instruments. Brad learned drums and Pete bass. The name of the band wasn't clear from the first.

They first called themselves One Fell Swoop. But another band from St. Louis has had this name already claimed that they have to change their name. So they chose Dispatch and that was their name since 1996.

The music is a mix of folk, rock, reggae and funk. All of them are song writers, so the songs sounds very different and aren't all equal in their sounds. The got offers from major labels several times, but always declined them. The reason for that is, that elsewhere they wouldn't have had such a musical freedom with a major label.

They broke up in the year 2002 because they differed about the direction the Band should take. So in 2004 they played their last concert in Boston (Hatch Shell). It was crowd of over 110.00 people and known as the biggest independent music concert up to now.

In 2005 (29.07) they came together again for the "Last Dispatch". It's a documentation about Dispatch wich were first shown in the Somerville Theatre, Boston.

Then in 2007 they reunited once again this time to spread awareness to the growing threat in Zimbabwe. They quickly sold out 3 shows in Madison Square Garden with all the proceeds going toward helping this nation.

In the time that they were together the band generated six CDs
and three DVDs

Now each band member has their own band
Chad has the politically charged band-State Radio
Brad has his band-Braddigan
and Pete has his band Pete Francis

to find out more about the band and to purchase music visit

Dispatch - The General
Dispatch - Elias (live)
Dispatch - Flying Horses (live)

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