Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Shuffle: Adem

This Sunday Shuffle my music library randomly selected a song by the artist Adem. Adem (pronounced AH-dem) is a UK indie artist that I really know very little about. I first heard about Adem through some cover blog that was stationed somewhere near London. Adem has put out three albums, his most recent being an album titled "Takes" which features cover songs from 1991-2001. The track that came up on shuffle came off of this album. The Aphex Twin Cover To Cure A Weakling Chile/ Boy Girl Song features gentle melodies that sound familiar and calming, perhaps its the xylophone or maybe the gentle voice? All I know is that I was hooked with this song and I bought the "Takes" album because of it. I was pleasantly surprised that he also covered songs by Breeders, Pinback, Yo La Tengo, Smashing Pumpkins, and Bedhead. There is not one reworking that I do not like, Adem makes them his own.
Have a listen!


To Cure A Weakling Chile/ Boy Girl Song (Aphex Twin cover) - Adem

Buy Adem's "Takes"

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