Thursday, November 4, 2010

Album Review: Limiñanas

Trouble In Mind
Album Rating:****
Sound Rating: ****

Even the cover suggests nostalgia and  psychedelia
Foreboding and beautiful, the Limiñanas on their self-titled release recreate a soundscape that draws heavily on the cusp of sixties garage rock and early psychedelia. The incredibly raw sound is both refreshing and distant; as it is the newest album I have heard that is remarkably out of its time period. Hearing the Limiñanas for the first time is like rummaging through your parents old records and finding that one dusty album your dad bought when he was living in France. The opening track “The Darkside” wastes no time getting you accustomed to their unique sound. The crunchy distorted guitars and simple driving beat paired with spoken French only brings the listener deeper into a trance. “Chocolate in My Milk” features a ukulele playing minor notes while a guitar is heard lamenting in the background, starts the transition from a primarily heavy distorted garage feel to a more diverse sound that still has roots in psychedelia. The sitar heavy track “Tigre di Bengale” grooves like that of an early Caribou or Go-Team song. The entire album sounds as if the Limiñanas are recording memories and not all of them are positive. “Berceuse pour Clive” is perhaps the saddest and most heartbreaking track by the French group and sounds as if it should belong to a soundtrack of an old movie. The Limiñanas distinct but utterly familiar sound propels their self-titled album forward into the stratosphere bringing you along with them. Just enjoy the ride.

You might like this if you like the Yeh-Yeh’s, Early 60s psychedelia, Velvet Underground, and Serge Gainsbourg.


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