Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Concert Etiquette: Unspoken Rules

We have all been there, pushing up front to get a prime spot to see a band perform. There are a few unspoken rules to attending a concert and it seems like there is always one guy or girl that significantly destroys a concert experience for either the attendees or the performer.

Instead of whining and complaining about it here are a few of the unspoken rules. Just so that we are on the same page:

1.) Requests 

There is a time and a place for requests at a concert. In fact requests can be a cool way to let the performer know that you hope they play a specific song. But hold fast drunken frat boy, it is never ok to request a song DURING a song / solo or in the middle of an important speech. Also, if the performer acknowledges your drunken stupor and politely says no or shakes their head, that is your cue to shut up.  Also shouting "Free Bird" and more recently"Wagon Wheel" is dumb. As a remarkably smart man once said, Don't Be Dumb.

2.) Pictures

Pictures are awesome and a great way to document the unique live experience! However there is a right way and a wrong way to take pictures at concerts. I have no qualms with people taking pictures, in fact I love pictures, but maybe your self-ies with your bff or boyfriend in the front row kissing while the band is playing probably isn't a great way to document the night. Especially, if its during a really personsal song.

3.) Talking

"OMG did you hear about Kristen and her ex? He is such a creeper right" - if you are talking about nothing related to the band throughout an entire concert and you are in the front row... You are doing it wrong. It's disrespectful to people around you and the artist. If you want to talk and listen to the band in the background then by all means do so, but in the back.  Also, if you are turned away from the stage for a majority of the time its kinda awkward and distracting. I came here to see the band, not watch you talk to your friend about what mixer is happening on friday.

4.) "The Train"

Your friend is up front and you want to push your way up to meet them. We have all been there, it is acceptable to let someone through to meet up with your friends or if you are returning from the bathroom/bar/etc. However, please don't have a train of people behind you. I have seen this happen with 15 people in tow. Not Cool.

5.) Drinks

Drink up. Don't put an open drink on the ground for later. It will end all over the floor and on peoples shoes. Your loss really. Don't waste your money.

6.) Intoxication

It is expected at concerts, thats fine by me. But if someone asks you to do something reasonable like get off the floor, or stop shouting "Free Bird", or stop talking... DO NOT BE ANNOYING.

So there you have it.


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