Sunday, November 10, 2013

Long Absence, slow posts.. more 8tracks : Space Disco & Psychedelic Soul

Hey all,

I have had a whirlwind of a year. Between my father passing away, getting into graduate school, and the subsequent work involved with working while going to school... this blog has been neglected. However, it still gets a fair amount of hits everyday and I believe that I should at least post some of the mixes I have been making on 8tracks. 

For those of you that are Daft Punk fans:
 If you want to see where their inspiration came from look no further than Italian Space Disco. It's a time when the moog and electronic music came together to create something awesome. Please do not get turned off by the title disco. This is by no means Saturday Night Fever in space, this is rather a collection of really talented composers fully embracing the sounds and captivations of space. Its really ahead of its time and you can see obvious comparisons to modern electronica. 

Here is Space Disco Part 1 & 2.  More about the tracks on the website- I do not think liner notes are shown in the small player. 

Another period mix, in the 1970s Psychedelic Funk broke through and the crunchy guitars and soulful vocals got their fair share of Acid infusion. Psychedelic Funk was the baby gem that help perpetuate to the movement towards hard blackspliotation era funk and soul. Great tracks, some with electronic and weird sounds sprinkled through give a nice backdrop to a unique time period in soul & funk. 

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