Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Progress in hip hop

Progressive hip hop is doing its thang! While urban crossover artists and Auto-Tune (RIP) have been going gangbusters on the music industry, there are glimpses of my favorite sub genre squeezing through the cracks. This is my first time working with you guys so I figure it will be fun to have a razzly dazzly selection of hip hop prospects, local successes, and legal freebies. Ya dig? Here we go.

For starters, I've gotta rep for Durham, NC here and share some love for Little Brother's very own: Big Pooh. I've always enjoyed the products of the duo founded at NCCU and continue to be impressed by Pooh's second official solo release, Delightful Bars. This album dropped back in the middle of May and is staying hot with its recent ranking at fifth in BET's 12 Independent Albums You Must Own. If you dig some well versed lyricism, dirty beats, and a little bit of fun this is definitely a wise purchase for you. When is the last time you had an encounter with the Durty and didn't enjoy yourself? Keep the hype alive for Pooh and take a moment to appreciate the multiple delightful album arts for this great release if you find the time.

Moving on to one of my favorite new(ish) artists to follow, Wale. With a monstrous breakout mixtape and a rivaling followup Wale is on the high road to success commercially despite his somewhat alternative sound. Recently announced is the release of his first official album and it is going to kill. Attention: Deficit is planned to hit shelves and the web September 22nd and I haven't gotten to the best of it. What has really got me pumped about the work Wale is doing is the artists backed behind him. Names like Dave Sitek (of TV on the Radio), K'naan, 9th Wonder, Q-Tip, and Bun B are all helping with the production along with a hefty list of other talented names in the music business. If you wanna know any more make sure to check out this interview.

Because Atmosphere is great, on tour, and offering a few free tracks they'll get a shout too. The duo has thrown a new EP onto the web for free in correlation with the 15 second registry with Fifth Element Online, a new online store. The EP, Leak at Will, is a nice little (essentially) freebie to check out. Enjoy.

Nom nom nom, music

Lovin' It - Little Brother
buy Little Brother or Big Pooh

Nike Boots - Wale
buy Wale

66th Street - Atmosphere
buy Atmosphere

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  1. Big Pooh will be opening for De La Soul at the Cradle on August 8th



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