Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Shuffle: August 2nd

This Sunday shuffle is brought to you by Blue Scholars, a hip hop duo from Seattle, Washington. The group is a pairing of Philippine-American Geologic and Sabzi of Iranian descent. The two create a mix that puts out thoughtful and personal tracks with a modern touch of soul. They aren't the hippest kids on the block, but they get down with intellectual lyricism and mellow beats. Blue Scholars have five official releases since their creation in 2002 and have announced an upcoming EP entitled OOF! due out August 25th.
The track for today, 50k Deep, is one of the more personal tracks off Bayani in memory of the WTO protests from 1999. For those less aware of this moment in history, there is a lot of controversy behind what all went down. Free speech was being compromised in the name of free trade and there was a big level of public outrage. Unfortunately most of the coverage was provided by independent media sources because the national perspective had a very large corporate influence. This track is a pretty mellow reflection of this event with one of the sexiest beats ever (yes, sexy is the appropriate adjective). Check it out.

Blue Scholars - 50k Deep
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