Monday, December 14, 2009

Concert Review: Ghostland Observatory Live at The Neighborhood Theatre

I was sitting in a group meeting at the Guilford College Library doing some school work for some of my upcoming finals when I received a call about going to see Ghostland Observatory. I had heard of the band before and actually had one of their songs in my music library. Upon hearing how amazing the band would be, I decided to tell my group members that I had to leave and almost immediately jumped into a car for the hour and a half car ride to Charlotte, NC.

Live at Neighborhood Theatre
After an hour and a half ride through the cold rain we found ourselves in a nice little section of Charlotte, complete with a church lit up in bright red neon lights and a string of local restaurants and bars. We made our way to the Neighborhood Theatre only to discover that the venue was way larger than it looked on the outside. The layout of the Neighborhood Theatre fit the atmosphere very well and the giant metal fan in the main stage area was really cool, it was probably better than the opening act.

We gave the opening act a chance but decided to just go out and explore this side of Charlotte until it was time for Ghostland Observatory to start. When we returned, there finally was a crowd of people but we still managed to get our spot right upfront. Everyone kept piling in and when the first spurt of smoke from the smoke machine blasted right into my face I knew that this show was going to be fun.

The amazing light show and energy from the band made it incredibly easy to dance like there was no tomorrow. As Aaron Kyle Behrens danced, crooned and strutted across the stage EVERYONE was into what was happening. Thomas Ross Turner provided sick beats and the keyboard synths and accompanied the band's in your face dance/rock/electronic atmosphere.

Aaron, in Lights
By the end of the night I had been asked if I had a tail, I had encountered countless people that were rolling, and I was in the biggest dance party I have been in since seeing Dan Deacon earlier this year.
I had no idea what to expect and quite frankly I was not expecting to like the show as much as I did. It is easy to see how Ghostland Observatory gains its fans. Their incredible stage presence and personality was worth the steep ticket price of $24. If you are just learning about Ghostland Observatory, I am sorry to say that the show I caught was the last of this current tour. You will have to watch their website if you want to find out the next time they are around in your area, I know I will.

Ghostland Observatory -Piano Man
Ghostland Observatory -Sad Sad City

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Thanks to jason.s for the concert photo's.  


  1. I'm so glad you followed your instinct! I bought a ticket as soon as I could. I also followed my instinct which led me to a VIP seat in the back with my own dancefloor and phenomenal server. She allowed this opportunity and being sober, I ordered a Roy Rogers and gave a tip that she so much deserved. I hope you enjoyed the cover of Prince's Darling Nikki!

  2. I loved the cover of Prince! I am glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Do you happen to know the setlist of the show?

  3. I'll do my best...I'll start with the end, Midnight Voyage, disgustingly amazing! God, I hope that pops up somewhere. The rest is floating around in my soul, I'm still vibrating. I don't know when and how, but the entire Paparazzi Lightning album, sans I'll be Suzy, (I think.) We went across the street to wait, too. Not the electric church, however, that should be the next venue!



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