Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awesome things on the internet!

The internet is great. Seriously, where else can you find exactly what you want with just a few clicks? Music is more accessible than ever, artists that are not signed can gain instant and rapid exposure and you can listen to pretty much whatever you want thanks to sites like Youtube,lastfm,and 8tracks.

In my everlasting quest for new music I have found these fantastic sites.

1. TuneVision - Is just listening to music getting boring? Do you want to also watch music videos of your favorite songs? And Do you want to be able to control which songs and artists you can skip? Well you kind sir or madam are in luck because TuneVision does just that. TuneVision also has a really cool way of organizing playlists. Enter in artists that you want to listen to and TuneVision will generate a playlist that will feature your favorite artists and some you may not know yet. This site is better than any "Genius" feature on iTunes and it comes with a rating option, so you could organize the playlist by ratings. Oh and did I mention I have heard so many bootlegs and covers I would have never found if it wasn't for TuneVision. Seriously check this site out.

2. 8tracks - You may have noticed that our bi-monthly feature, "Mixtape Mondays", features a player from 8tracks. 8tracks is a unique site in which you can make playlists by either uploading or using tracks in their massive database. There are other sites similar to 8tracks but most of them are not as user friendly or as easy to navigate. By allowing users to upload their own songs, 8tracks has a forever increasing music library. However, there are a lot of mislabelings which can drive any anal retentive music geek into a mad frenzy. All in all it is a great site to explore new avenues in the large world of music.

3. Thesixtyone- If you like to play video games but also love to listen to music, thesixtyone is where you should level up. (Literally.) This site forces you to listen to unknown artists and gives you Hearts, Experience Points, and has quests you need to carry out in order to level up. thesixtyone has ingeniously used the same instant gratification you get when you level up in your favorite video game and paired it with music exploration. If you are an musical artist you can upload your band to the site for insured exposure, if the community likes what they hear your track will be featured on thesixtyone homepage. Try it. But please be careful it can get addicting.

4. Essential Mixes - Essential mixes is another site you should check out, especially if you are in love with DJs or dance music. They have every essential mix that has been broadcasting on BBC Radio one since 1993. If you missed it, or if you just don't have access to BBC Radio One where you are from then this site can be a refreshing dance loving option.

That is all for now. Let me know how these sites sit with you.

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