Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Humpday Covers Presents: Pomplamoose

I understand not everyone is Goo-Goo for Ga-Ga, however, you can not dismiss the impact that she is having on our society. Whether it is her outrageous costume attire, crazy nonsensical music videos, or ability to be on the radio pretty much 24/7, Lady Gaga is always being talked about. It would make sense to see a massive amount of covers sprouting up on Youtube. Here is a recent one that I have found.

The video is by a group called Pomplamoose. Pomplamoose is a great band but they pretty much shine in their music videos. Their video/cover for Telephone is below.

OR if you want you can just Listen: 
Pomplamoose - Telephone (Lady Gaga Cover)
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