Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammys : A Quick Post

The Grammy's are amazing. However, people often wonder what happens to all of the other less known artist's... they feel like they are lacking some recognition. Well it turns out that the Grammy's arn't just one night, and its kinda like a festival of sorts.

Anyway, as you all probably know Alison Kraus and Robert Plant took home 5 grammy's and everyone knows about jennifer hudson's emotional state, and unless your blind you can see that M.I.A. is about to pop a baby out of her.

here are some of the highlights

I don't Have video's but you can listen to some of the other performances:

Swagga Like Us (Live at the Grammy's) - Jay Z, M.I.A, Lil Wayne & T.I.
buy Swagga Like Us

American Boy (Live at the Grammy's) - Estelle & Kanye
buy Estelle

Get On Your Boots (Live at the Grammy's) -U2
buy U2

and finally.....

15 Step (Live At the Grammy's) - Radiohead with USC Band
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Enjoy, and make sure you buy these artist's and check out the winners!

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