Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Humpday Covers Presents: The Hood Internet

Before you get on my case about these actually not being "covers", just hear me out. This artists is a mash-up/dj artist and in their line of work they do a lot of sampling with a lot of other songs. So, that means that they are re-discovering and re-working old songs into new tracks...kinda like a cover song. (kinda, sorta, not really.)

Anyways, I have been following the Hood Internet for some time now, and if you aren't familiar with them well... you my good sir (or lady) have been missing out. These DJ's are known for mixing rap, indie, indie-rap, hell they have even mixed Dr. Dre with Radiohead.  Also, all of the Hood Internet mixes and mixtapes are 100% free. This weeks (kinda) cover is their response to the new decade: A chronicling of popular music over the last ten years into about six minutes. This mix is titled "Decalogue".  If you are familiar with DJ Earworm's United States Of Pop mixes you will be blown away by the Hood Internet's superior skillzzzz.

Here is what you will hear on the mix...

2000 - Dr. Dre vs Radiohead, 2001 - Missy Elliott vs Daft Punk, 2002 - Ludacris vs The New Pornographers, 2003 - Kelis vs The Rapture, 2004 - Twista f/ Kanye West vs Arcade Fire, 2005 - Three 6 Mafia vs Sufjan Stevens, 2006 - T.I. vs Peter Bjorn and John, 2007 - Rich Boy vs LCD Soundsystem, 2008 - Lil Wayne vs Hot Chip, 2009 - Jay Sean vs Phoenix.

The Hood Internet - Decalogue
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