Friday, March 5, 2010

Wait!!! This Sounds Different!?!?!

Music is an evolution. It always has been an ever changing form of expression. I really love watching music evolve which is why I really enjoy covers. Covers are reinterpretations of other peoples work, which often sparks new life into old songs. (Well maybe not all covers, only the good ones) I also love hearing an artist experiment and change up their old songs with new interpretations of them. This point kind of brings up why I like to go to concerts. At concerts you are able to listen and become part of the moment, a moment that often is never like any other moment in that artists career. (Unless you are at a Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson concert where they pretty much lip-sink their entire performance)

Real artists are constantly perfecting their music and today I am going to share some different versions of some really great songs.

First up,
we have Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy",
Gnarls Barkley, made up of Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse, have never really gotten enough credit as musicians. Sure, Danger Mouse has been sought after due to his incredible production skills, but still people do not give credit where credit is due. One reason for this could be the spontaneous popularity of "Crazy".  Standing in the wake of "Crazy" seemed to effect peoples interpretations of the group, stating that they are a one hit wonder and that they wouldn't produce anything like it again. The follow up album to St. Elsewhere wasn't well received but The Odd Couple produced as many gems as the previous album.  Gnarls Barkley's musicianship can be seen at any live show and I hope to show this musicianship through this live rendition of Crazy. This version  is both slow and soulful, I prefer it to the original.

Listen :

Next, how about something from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
I have always had a soft spot for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, quite frankly when I first heard Fever to Tell back in 2003 my world was completely rocked. I had never heard a band like that before with the lead female singer that was just as bold as the music. Their music is incredibly enjoyable and constantly evolving (It's Blitz is very different from their first two albums). The Yeah Yeah Yeahs pretty much opened me up to an entirely new type of music and with the single "Maps" being on video game consoles I am sure they have opened millions of 12 year old's to their music.
Say what you want about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs putting their music on consoles, it doesn't change the fact that "Maps" is a great song. I am sure if you are a fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's then you have undoubtedly heard "Maps" a million-gillion times. However, have you heard their acoustic version? The band slows down "Maps" and adds violin accompaniment to the acoustic guitar. Karen O.'s voice brings the same feeling as the original but with out the intensity. The song is hauntingly beautiful.


The Man....
Alaska´s own, Portugal. The Man is another favorite band of mine. (For you that are grammar hounds the band has a period in the middle of their name, yeah that's right) Their new album The Satanic Satanist has been in my rotation for the last couple of months. It is an album that grows on you until you can not seem to get the songs out of your head. The Satanic Satanist features more electro-pop sounds than that of their previous work but the artistic ventures of the group is still present. This album is the easiest to like for people who are not familiar with the band and the song "Work All Day" should be digestible by all. Portugal. The Man is known for experimenting with their songs and it really wasn't surprising when I came across an acoustic version of "Work All Day". The sound is similar to the regular version, but there is a more organic sound. It is if they are chanting more rather than singing. I once again think I prefer this acoustic version over their studio release, but that may just stem from my hippie-loving drum circle chanting days in the woods.


Because I have already done a post(s) on Bon Iver I will not be writing a big ole' thing about Justin Vernon and Friends. This alternative live take of "For Emma" has a more prominent drum beat and a completely different feel from that of the album. I prefer the album's version, but it is still refreshing to listen to a different version.


If you liked this post please let me know because I literally have hundreds of different takes on songs from a wide variety of artists.

What do you think about these alternative takes?


  1. Portugal. The Man is not from Arkansas. Originally from Wasilla, Alaska, they now reside in Portland.

  2. Glad to share it Cleveland.



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