Thursday, March 26, 2009

Serendipity 09

Every year Guilford College holds a weekend long festival to celebrate community and music. This Quaker college in Greensboro, NC is notoriously known for having outstanding acts and showing everyone a good time. This year was no exception.

The festivities started on Friday afternoon with a free outdoor dinner put on by the school. Festivities continued with the old apartments organizing a pub crawl, where every apartment would make a specialty drink to share, very Quaker like. Then, there was a rap group and a local DJ that threw an amazing dance party, all while full court laser tag was going on in the adjacent gym.

The following day consisted of a community street fair, where there was glass blowing, raffles, and a variety of other pieces of art and jewelry. In preparation for the evenings headlining music event, a battle of the bands was held for musicians wanting to open for the evening's concerts. In addition to these events, a slip and slide, a hug blow up obstacle course, a woman's prom dress rugby match, and jello wrestling were all taking place all over Guilford campus.

The real fun started at 8 when the battle of the bands winner opened for Holy Ghost Tent Revival. Holy Ghost Tent Revival is an amazing bluegrass band (with hints of rock) from Greensboro, NC. They played an amazing set and completely blew me out of the water. They did an amazing cover of a beatles song.

After that dance-fest Toubab Krewe came on to preform. On Toubab's Twitter they said the following: Guilford(home of the Fighting Quakers) is BONKERS!!! It was. The crowd outside on the football field gathered into a living dancing entity with tons and tons of crowd surfers. I was even lifted up and surfed the crowd, no easy feat for someone about 200 pounds. A couple of member's of toubab also crowd surfed and even got up on their massive amps and shredded. A couple Guilford students made thier way up to the stage to dance and eventually get kicked off.

The crazy thing about all of this crazyness was that this was all over at about 1-ish. After parties both in the woods and out commenced until the morning.

Ahhh Serendipity 09.

I wonder whats in store for next year!

Please give these artist's a listen.

Toubab Krewe - Roy Forester
(Buy Live At The Orange Peel)

Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Gettin' Over Your Love
(Buy So Long I Screamed)

and if you like it buy it.

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