Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Shuffle: March 22nd

This weeks shuffle is by the Black Keys, a group I instantly fell in love with. From the first note I heard off of my friends burned CD of thickfreakness back in the eighth grade, I knew that this band had a deep bluesy sound that I had never heard before. This week the song "The Flame" came up on the shuffle.

The track "The Flame" is off of their album, "Magic Potion".
all music said this about the Ohio based duo's 2006 album:

This is vulgar music, completely unsentimental or nostalgic but with a deep, wild, and tenacious heart; it's spooky, un-caged, and frighteningly descriptive of our time and place. It's been a long time since the majors put out a record this savage. This is the door to the blues in 2006; hold on to your hips because they will begin to twitch.

Have a listen and if you like it buy it.

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