Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Humpday Covers Presents: Amanda Palmer & Barry Mendel w/ Seu Jorge

Check out that sexy uke!
This fine Humpday we will be sporting two wonderfully done covers of popular songs by Radiohead and by Simon and Garfunkel. The first cover we have is by a woman by the name of Amanda Palmer. Palmer has been gaining some popularity over the past couple of years with her trademark ukulele sound. Palmer just came out with a new-ish album full of Radiohead covers. Before you think, oh great another artist trying to reinterpret Radiohead, give her a listen. I personally like her take on "Fake Plastic Trees", albeit die hard Radiohead fans will probably just say...ehhhhh I like Radioheads version better. Irregardless, this tune is great, I dunno if its the ukulele but it seems really personal and raw.

Amanda Palmer - Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead Cover)

From Life Aquatic
Up next is a cool tune that I found over at Cover Lay Down awhile back. Being a fan of Wes Anderson movies and cover songs, I have fallen in love with Seu Jorge. If you do not know who that is please check him out. (He is the Brazilian who plays all the Bowie covers in The Life Aquatic) Anyways,  Barry Mendel, one of the producers, and Seu Jorge would play guitar in their spare time off set. Barry describes the scene: “as we were learning the songs and jorge would need time to roll cigarettes and what not, i’d pick up the guitar and play and he’d sing along, and when we were finishing the recording of all the bowie covers in the studio, his kind wife mariana insisted we record one of the songs she would hear me play with jorge singing along…so here is the boxer from 2004 w/ me playing and singing and jorge singing back-up and doing some whistling, to boot…"

So without further ado, the Simon and Garfunkel classic "The Boxer" as done by Barry and Seu.

Barry Mendel w/ Seu Jorge - The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel Cover)

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