Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Shuffle: Matt And Kim

This Sunday Shuffle brings you the musical musings of Matt and Kim. You may have heard their single daylight in passing or even in a bacardi commercial, but this song is WAYYYY better. The Brooklyn duo released a single to their new album titled Sidewalks. (BTW what in the world is in Brooklyn's water? In the last ten years that place has become notorious for cranking out great artists)

Kim and Matt are Matt and Kim
The new track "Cameras" has such an infectious beat and is guaranteed to get you going and keep you going.  Please for the sake of humanity check it out, and if you are in the Chapel Hill area make sure you purchase your tickets for Matt and Kim at the Cradle on Oct. 20th. I even hear that you can stream the entire album upon purchasing a ticket. Sweet dealz.

Matt and Kim - Cameras
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