Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Shuffle x3!!!

This Sunday shuffle we are bringing you three different pieces of music. This triple shot of music is our way of saying welcome back! For those of you that don't know the Sunday shuffle is a time where I randomly select three songs after pressing shuffle on my iTunes. It could be good music or just plain awful music, but mostly the songs are good because my library is scarce on the bad music front. (well, maybe the discography of Mariah Carey is debatable)

CHLLNGR - Change
God, That mustache is epicccc.

This morning the first song to come up was Change by CHLLNGR. I do not know much about this band other than  it is comprised of one man named Steve Borth who hails from Copenhagen. This electronica/ dub style is pretty great, especially for chilling. The music has a lot of depth and is really easy to get hooked to these guys. Take a listen and go into the easy groove that CHLLNGR delivers.

CHLLNGR - Change

Cosmo Jarvis - She's Got You
Apparently Face Running is Common in NJ
The next song on this weeks Shuffle is a personal favorite by Cosmo Jarvis. Cosmo Jarvis comes from Ridgewood, NJ and he is only 21 years old. Makes me kinda wonder what I am doing with my life when a 21 year old kid is making such cool tunes. Anyways, "She's got you" is as poppy as you would like it to be and towards the end of the song a happy, jumping, fun time should be had by all. Even though Cosmo's lyrics are a little dark, the pep of the songs transform the message. Take the time to listen to Cosmo Jarvis.

Cosmo Jarvis - She's Got You
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 RATATAT - Neckbrace

Yeah, this picture sums everything up.
ANNNNNDDDD Last but certainly not least, the third song in this installment is off of Ratatat's new album LP4. If you are a fan of ratatat, please go and see them. I saw them about two years ago and it was fantastic. (And I hear that this year they are even better!) Ratatat's new songs from LP4 have the same energy as their last 2 albums and the single "Drugs" has been getting a lot of attention. However, "Neckbrace" is one of my personal favorite new tracks. It has everything you love about Ratatat and more... and you may want to brace yourself for this hotness. (yes, the pun was veryyy much intended)

Ratatat - Neckbrace
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