Friday, January 30, 2009

Fading Glory : Independent Music Stores

There is nothing more exciting to someone who hates Best Buy (and all the other bulk music stores like it) than a trip to either an independent music store or a thrift music store. Both however are fading fast, which makes the music lovers sell out and go to Best Buy and such.

Schoolkids records in Chapel Hill went out of business, and so did BB's in Greensboro. So the only independent record store in the area isn't even a record store. Its Edward McKay's used books and more. And as far as I can tell, they are doing pretty damn well for themselves. Going to Edward McKay's is like going to the Used/Sale rack at any independent record store...therefore it's always a hunt, and its always cheap. Box sets for under 30 dollars, rare CD's that haven't been opened, and CD's from the three local college radio stations are all found among the shelves.
My buddy just bought his first record player and LP's are flooding our college dorm room. LP's even made a jump in sales this year! Best Buy is picking up on it and is selling new LP's of Radiohead and Guns N Roses...
Over the past year and a half I have been in Greensboro I have found many awesome finds at Edward Mckay's but it still isnt an Independent music store. Independent music stores are endangered, if not near extinction. Now the only way to find new music is to surf around the blogs, like hype machine. However, the RIAA prevents people from listening to and downloading some songs. Also, people who are not blog savvy, which is most of the US population, are truely missing out on new music. Music that is NOT force fed to us is rapidly decreasing, radio hits dominate the market, and new artist seem to barely break the surface every year.

What ever happened to music as an art, not a business...

Support your local music and support your independent music stores.

This is one of the reasons why I started this blog,

To introduce people to new music, that celebrates the love, art, and diversity of music.

Here is a lil something from
Michael Franti - Everyone Deserves Music
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