Saturday, January 24, 2009

January Junk

So it's the end of January,

This month I have found some amazing stuff that I think all music fans should definitely check out.

First things first,
I am currently listening to Seu Jorge's Life Aquatic Sessions, and you should to. If you have seen Life Aquatic you probably know that Seu Jorge sings all of the cover's of David Bowie's songs. On this album Jorge sound is soothing and awesome to just chill out to.

Seu Jorge - Starman (Bowie Cover)
buy The Life Aquatic Sessions

Ok now...
here is some things that will make your life awesome.

1. pwnyoutube- is soo cool. Have you ever watched an awesome concert on youtube and been like man I would really like to have this, or put this on my ipod. Now you can. pwnyoutube allows you to save any youtube video in either two formats. All you have to do is type "pwn" before youtube in your web address for the video you are watching. for more info go to

2. Loop labs-
Do you want free online music mixing software? Who doesn't. Loop labs is easy to use and its got a ton of awards. Check it out.

3. Lyrics Fly-
Lyrics Fly is for people who need lyrics and cant find them, way better than just typing the song and then lyrics into google.

4. Switch
If you own a mac and you want to import your .wma files to your itunes but cant, Switch can help you do that. Switch is a FREE and amazing file converter that is extremely easy to use.

Now here is some new Animal Collective

Animal Collective-Brothersport

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