Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcoming Myself

To our probably nonexistant fanbase, I would like to officially introduce myself to this blog. Eli and I's long-spanning friendship began in an aquatic atmosphere- him teaching me swimming when I was about thirteen years old on the beautiful shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. For the record, I hated every second of it. The highlight of the experience was having an asthma attack while doing Eli's "Hold your breath underwater to expand your lungs capabilities" excercise. It didn't work.

So here I am years later, posting on his blog. Of course, through various other instances of torture (i.e. getting locked in an office by Eli and evil-sidekick Duncan's brilliant use of a knife to jam the door shut), him and I have become friends to the point where he has dropped his sentiment of hatred towards me, and has invited me to help him get this thing up and running again. My how the tables have turned..

Few Things- First off, as if my birthday wasn't bad enough last year (fighting with parents/getting kicked out of my house), it was on that day which Eli decided to cease writing on this blog. Point being that my birthday is coming up soon! Also, a comment on the RHCP's cover of "Love Rollercoaster" (posted below). According to urban myth, the original version of the song as performed by the Ohio Players includes at 1:27 the "sound of a woman being murdered in the recording studio." Highly unlikely, but the recorded shriek is pretty creepy. Check it out.

Anyways, I'm very excited about this. I love music and the like, and can't wait to publish more on here. Until that time, I bid all (one) of you ado.

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