Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Serious backtracking/Choose your own adventure!

So, instead of doing a backtracking for the past few weeks (mostly because of the lack of notable occurrences), I wanted to take a look at what I was listening to last year at this time.

Let's rewind. It's my Junior year and I'm probably struggling to finish my 10 page Junior paper, which of course seemed like the worst thing in the world, aside from the SAT's on Saturday, which
I absolutely was (not) studying for. I think we can all agree that that time in our lives should never, ever, have to be relived.

What was getting me through that god awful week?

The Velvet Underground? Seriously, me? Apparently the stress of the time was taking its toll on me, as instead of
listening to some nice upbeat tunes (though, I suppose Mr. Elton John counts), I instead chose the heaviest music I own. Lou Reed's dark, drug-laden lyrics are, though immensely poetic, not exactly the best pick-me-up. Whatever, I'm sure the Elliot Smith helped...

So, for those of you out there who are unfortunately going through similar times, let's do this Goosebumps style- choose your own adventure.

Want to delve deeper into the peril that is your life? Check this out. That's one of the coolest versions of The Velvet Underground's Herion that I've ever heard...thanks to Grateful Breed for the download.


Want to hear some stuff that will surely get you out of your own head? How about this song, Sabali, by Amadou & Mariam. They met at Mali's institute for the Blind, and have since become known worldwide as the "blind couple from Mali." They're stuff includes traditional Mali music, with a handful of interesting instruments mixed in; their unique sound has been dubbed "Afro-blues." A pick-me-up, for sure.

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