Saturday, May 16, 2009

Humpday Covers: Classic Rock (Late, but worth it)

So its Saturday, not Wednesday and there wasn't a humpday covers this week. You may all be wondering why and honestly its because I thought that I had scheduled this post to be delievered Wednesday morning, instead I forgot to schedule it at all.

SO because its sooo late I have decided to do more than one cover this week.

This weeks cover(s) are going to be focusing on Classic Rock.

From a very early age I was engulfed in the awesomeness of the 60's and 70's music. Later on I grew to love and respect the 50's, try to play synth with the 80's, wear plaid and sing along with the 90's, and finally get into indie rock in the 2000's.

Now I love music from all of those decades, but Classic Rock still holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it was because classic rock had long guitar solo's, songs that lasted well over 5 minutes (or really catchy ones that lasted barely two), or the general feeling of the music.

However, covers of these songs that I love are really hard to come by... Especially covers of The Who. I am almost never satisfied with any Who cover.  Pearl Jam's cover of Rain O'er Me pissed me off, even though I like Pearl Jam. I have decided I will attempt to put together a collection of covers that will inspire and hold up to the classic rock greats.

First up,
John Lennon.

The late Beatle has had a ton of his songs covered. The Instant Karma album for instance, is a benefit album for Darfur that features two discs of cover songs by popular artists. One of my favorite covers of John Lennon is done by the Flaming Lips. I feel that this cover gives the orignial its proper justic while still having that Flaming Lips feel to it. Here is Nobody Told Me, orignially by John Lennon.

Flaming Lips - Nobody Told Me (John Lennon Cover)
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Journey, on the edge of the classic rock boat but it has definetly made its mark. So much so that if you even start singing "Don't Stop Believing" in a group of people a sing-a-long will ensue. I will spare all of you with the acappella version of "Don't Stop Believing" and I will give you the Colin Hay sounding version by Jon Regen. It is a beautiful cover that will even satisfy those who have grown to lothe the song.

Jon Regen - Don't Stop Believing (Journey cover)
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So this shouldn't count because its a classic rock cover by a classic rock artist...but its still worth it. Cream is great and I have yet to hear a cover that gave it justice...well accept for this short cover of Sunshine of Your Love that Jimmy Hendrix played on BBC. There is a signifigant story to this particular recording of the song. The story goes that Jimi was supposed to appear on LuLu's program. He was supposed do "Hey Joe", She'd be waiting in the Wings to join him to sing... Jimi knew this, and he wasn't about to let some women steal his thunder. So, unrehearsed, and unknown to the producers of the show, Jimi simply says, "We're gonna stop playing this rubbish..." and goes on to dedicate his next number to the members of Cream, and goes into a Instrumental Version of "Sunshine of your Love". You can hear him say they are gonna kick them off the air. He was never on BBC TV again after the incident. 

Jimi Hendrix - Sunshine of Your Love (Cream cover)
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If the response to this post is generally good I will do another classic rock covers post.

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