Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Shuffle, May 10th

This week has been hectic. There has been a lot of traveling and goodbyes, so the posts this week have been a little on the weak side. However, I am done with school and back at home with a new record player/converter for both the stereo and the computer. Currently I am falling back in love with CSNY's Deja' Vu.

I do not know what makes listening to a record better than listening to a digital recording.  It could just be the novelty of listening to a record, the actual "richer" sound, or the nostalgia of it all. Regardless, I have been exploring some obscure records over the last few weeks, so expect to see some new posts in the future.

Today is mother's day! But it is also Sunday. So that means that it is time for the Sunday Shuffle!

This Sunday's Shuffle is...

The Rainbow Press
There is little known about the Rainbow Press. It is late 60's rock band with a touch of psychedelia. In the past couple of years it has become somewhat collectable. 
Have a listen!

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