Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Humpday Covers: Sweet Child Of Mine...

This Humpday we will explore the wonders of GnR's "Sweet Child of Mine".

Now even if you loathe Axl Rose you should really check these alternative takes on one of the songs that defined GnR's career!

The first is off of the soundtrack for the Adam Sandler film Big Daddy. Sheryl Crow decides to do a pop-ish cover of "Sweet Child of Mine"... complete with violin's and an electric keyboard solo in place of Slash's face melting solo.

Sheryl Crow -Sweet Child O' Mine 
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The next is cover is by a group called Taken by Trees.

Taken by Trees spawned from the ex-Concrete's singer Victoria Bergsman desire to follow somber melodic styles. This version of "Sweet Child of Mine" bleeds of emotion, without whining or screaming, or even guitar solo's.  This indie band truly captures the feeling of the song. I think that any She and Him fan would really dig this cover...Maybe even a Fleet Foxes Fan could dig this!

Taken by Trees - Sweet Child O' Mine
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