Thursday, May 28, 2009

Concert Review: Stephen Marley w/ Dub Addis @Lincoln Theatre

Last night was an amazing night.

I had heard that Stephen Marley was going to be playing in Raleigh about three days ago. Going was a last minute decision and quite frankly it was a good decision. The 23 dollar ticket price kept some of my friends from joining me, but those who did had quite a surprise.

The first surprise of the night came when I entered into Lincoln Theatre...the concert wasn't sold out. The second surprise was when I found out that Stephen was doing an acoustic only show!!

We wandered up towards the front of the stage to see Dub Addis open up for Stephen Marley. Dub Addis is a great band whose band members originated from Ethiopia and Durham NC. They mixed their African Roots with Reggae vibes and honestly it really worked. When we first saw them on stage there was literally no one on the floor but by the time they had gone through half of their setlist a swarm of people were getting into the Reggae vibe. The long instrumental was by far the best part of their show and by that time people were definitely feelin' the vibe.

Then it was time for Stephen Marley.
I was literally 3 people away from Stephen as he opened up with Rainbow Country. After an amazing start Stephen played a bunch of his stuff as well as a bunch of his dad's stuff. All of his songs on the Mind Control album were fantastic live and acoustic. Some highlights include a Lonely Avenue with a fantastic acoustic slide guitar, Chase Dem, Hey Baby, Mind Control had a complete different feel as acoustic numbers but it really impressed me. (So much that I now have his acoustic album) All of the songs where filled with the crowd dancing and singing along with Stephen Marley. The only thing that I was dissapointed about the new album was that it was missing Let Her Dance. When he played Let Her Dance the entire crowd was dancing and singing with a ton of energy.

He played a lot of his dad's songs, but he definetley did not overdose on them. Some songs like Three Little Birds was almost entirely sung by the audience!!

For an encore he played High Tide or Low Tide and it was the most beautiful song that was played all night. His ensemble played the most gorgeous version of the song that I have ever heard. Seeing that High Tide or Low Tide is one of my favorite Bob Marley songs I was thrilled. It sounded so good that when I closed my eyes I was sure that I was at a Bob Marley concert. It was really a pleasent surprise.

Oh wait. I forgot to tell you the biggest surpise.
In the opening lines of Iron Bars, Stephen Marley announced that he had a special guest with him that would join him on this song. Then Juilan Marley came out and sang Iron Bars!!! It was amazing!!! Rasta Flags were waved and the Marley brothers nailed the song.

All in all it was a great concert.
One of the best I have been to in a long time.

Go out and see Stephen if he comes near you!
and buy the new acoustic album from Stephen.
Stephen Marley - Hey Baby (Acoustic)
Stephen Marley - Traffic Jam (Acoustic)
buy Mind Control Acoustic

and Juilan Marley just came out with a new album titled Awake.
I also just got this album...I have yet to listen to it but I am sure that it is going to be great.
Juilan Marley - Awake
buy Awake

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