Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Everyone has mixed feelings about Valentines day. Some people love it (usually when they have someone to celebrate it with) others (usually single people) loathe the holiday because it is filled with mixed expectations and the constant reminder that you are single.

This Valentines Day cheer up.
Girls, take a minute to appreciate that you are not dating one of these guys in the following video. Guys, take a minute to appreciate that you are not one of these guys.

And how about some good tunes for this Valentines Day? I think so.

First up we have a song by Bark Bark Disco. The twee electro-pop group sounds as if the Eels and the Strokes had an illegitimate love child with an drum machine. If you like this song, check out the music video (probably NSW).

Bark Bark Disco - Song For The Lovers
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Next we have a ditty from The Mountain Goats. The Mountain Goats take the subject of love and display the nostalgic, sweet, and painful sides of love. Perfect for all you mopers on Valentines Day.

The Mountain Goats - Love, Love, Love
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How about something from electronic power house Justice? It would be dumb of me not to post Justice's "Valentine" today. Don't expect this to be like "Genesis", "Valentine" is more mellow but definitely worth listening to. After all, it is Valentines Day.

Justice - Valentine
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