Monday, February 22, 2010

New Feature: Mixtape Mondays

A brand, spankin' new bi-monthly feature is coming to Happiness is a Warm Gun!!! Yes, you heard that right, the same blog that gives you concert reviews, Humpday covers, Sunday Shuffles, and news is now bringing you something that has been a long time coming. At least twice a month we will have MIXTAPE MONDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (note how many exclamation marks there are, that means its serious)

Whats that? There's more?

Of course there is!! We want you, (that's right you) to help come up with songs that should be on the bi-monthly mixtape. You can either comment what you want to be on the next mixtape or email us a list of songs to put on the blog. You can EVEN tell us what kind of music you want!!! Feel free to even MAKE an 8-tracks mixtape and email us the link! If we like it, YOUR MIX GOES ON THIS BLOG!!!!


Anyways, this month we have a mixtape that is eargasmly fantastic and fun. This months first mixtape is called "Let Me Here You Say Whoop Whooooppp!"

Here is the Track List:
1.)Discovery - Osaka Loop Line
2.) Major Lazer feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze - Keep It Goin' Louder
3.) Crystal Castles - Vanished
4.) Adventure - Poison Diamonds
5.) OCDJ - Wooeash
6.) Animal Collective - Fireworks
7.) Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat
8.) Yeasayer - Sunrise

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