Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Humpday Covers Presents: Bon Iver & Peter Gabriel

This week Humpday Covers will be posting TWO covers.  I have been skimpy on the covers recently, but I guarantee that these are fantastic.  One of which I pretty much made available for the first time (that I have found anyway). So you all are in luck.

A couple of months ago one of my friends told me that he had gone to see Bon Iver play "his last show for the foreseeable future" at the Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee .  I was lucky enough to find out that a local radio station had recorded and streamed this show for everyone to enjoy. I was very curious to see how Bon Iver was live and after listening to the show I decided that Justin Vernon's talent is not just in the studio. Bon Iver did a fantastic cover of the eighties hit "Your Love" by the Outfield. I painstakingly downloaded the entire show and then edited "Your Love" in audacity so that the recording did the band some justice. Sit back and have a listen to the 80's hit Bon Iver style.

Bon Iver - Your Love (Outfield Cover)
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Now for Cover Number Two:

While I was working on this post I received an email with a cover version of Bon Iver's "Flume". (Fate?) I was a little surprised to see that someone was tempted to take on the daunting task of covering one of Justin Vernon's songs, especially "Flume".  Then I had a listen and realized that this mysterious cover was by none other than Peter Gabriel. The Genesis founder puts an interesting spin on this already classic and timeless song.  The song sounds different and I still love the original, but this cover is the best cover I have heard of "Flume".

So Peter Gabriel, Kudos.

Peter Gabriel - Flume (Bon Iver Cover)
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