Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Humpday Cover Presents: Magnetic Fields

It may seem that I am playing favorites when it comes to record labels but seriously Merge offers so much. (Ok, ok so I am a little biased seeing that I live in Durham where Merge is located). This humpday we will be looking at covers of the Magnetic Fields, another Merge signed band. Personally, I did not get into the Magnetic Fields until I was much older and they grew on me.

We have three covers today,
A special treat indeed.

The first two are from other Merge artists, which isn't surprising at all seeing that Arcade Fire's Win stated that one of the main reasons they signed on to Merge was due to the fact that the Magnetic Fields were on Merge. The Arcade Fire covered "Born On A Train" l

The Arcade Fire - Born On A Train (Magnetic Fields Cover)

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The Shins also have supplied their fair share of Magnetic Fields covers in their time. A lot of people say that they prefer the Shins version of "Strange Powers" to the Magnetic Fields version but I really can't pick between the two. This has to be one of my favorite Magnetic Fields covers and I hope that you can enjoy this as much as I do.

The Shins - Strange Powers (Magnetic Fields Cover)
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Lastly, (I think that's a word), we have !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk) covering the Magnetic Fields. Despite their "I'm so Indie I'm going to have symbols as my group name" attitude, this cover isn't bad at all. Their annoying name does not give the band it's justice when it comes to covering the Magnetic Fields' "Take Ecstasy With Me". It is kinda funky, upbeat, a little trippy and very likable. (More so than their other stuff)

!!!- Take Ecstasy With Me (Magnetic Fields Cover)
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That's it for this week.

What's your opinion of of these covers?

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