Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!!

So Since It's April Fools day,

We are gonna do something a little different today. Instead of posting just covers, we are gonna post covers, b-sides, and rare tracks!! (with a loose April Fool's theme)

To see some of history's top 100 acts of April Fool-ery click here.

First Off, to celebrate the seasonal cheer, I am gonna post a B-Side from The Red Hot Chili Peppers B-sides for Stadium Arcadium. These B-Sides have been compiled into an album called Venus (to go with the theme of planets that is seen in Stadium Arcadium). Some say this B-Side album is better than the original album, but I dunno, I think its definitely worth a listen.

Here is Funny Face by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Funny Face

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The second track is actually a cover, so it fits well in this Wednesday spot that is usually Humpday Covers. This is a "rare" cover of a Beatles song that was done by none other than Aretha Franklin. I actually do not know much about this cover, other than its one of the better covers that Aretha has done. This cover also fits nicely with the April Fools day theme, seeing that Aretha covered Fool on the Hill.

Here is Fool on the Hill

Aretha Franklin - Fool on the Hill (Beatles Cover)

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Here is another "Fool" related track. This track is called "Foolish Fool" by none other than Sublime. This is a track that I found the on Sublime's Box Set. It is a remaster of the song Crazy Fool off of Sublime's album Pure Anus. It is a great song, and it certainly is a shame that Sublime's lead singer Bradley Nowell died in 1996. However, Sublime fans may see a reincarnated Sublime coming soon. Rumors and talk from the original band members have indicated that a possible Sublime reunion with a replacement singer may be in the near future.

No Fool's about that,

Here is Sublime's Foolish Fool,

Sublime - Foolish Fool
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