Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Eli's Birthday!!!!!!!

Hello readers,

Today Eli is celebrating his 20th birthday! He is the heart and soul of this blog...and even if you haven't met him, his continued dedication to this blog is a testament to the type of guy he is. It's been a pleasure working with him on Happiness....and just knowing him in general (see picture at right...). Today may be a day meant to celebrate the rising of our Lord or what have you, but today is also a day to celebrate the being that is ELI. 


Check out these birthday-related tunes...

Happy Birthday To You by Jay Jay Pistolet. "Well if I had my way, you'd have a birthday every week, and you'd choose to spend them all with me. I'd come down to your bus stop so you couldn't go to work..." etc etc. Yeah, the lyrics are a bit creepy...but they're genuine. A toe tapper, which tells a story along the way. 

There's Always Someone's Birthday  by Erik Hallden. While the lyrics are nowhere online, I truly hope that my interpretation of the line "There's such a thing as too much beauty, its when you dance and shake your booty" is accurate. An upbeat song with (hopefully) awesome lyrics.

Birthday Song by Erik Hallden. Less upbeat, very lo-fi. Guided-by-Voices if they were singing about a birthday. Checkk it out.  

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