Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OHHHH SNAP Its Humpday Covers!

Alright, Halfway through the week, with just two weeks left of college until summer!!!

This week I am not gonna post a cover.

Im gonna post 2 Covers!

If you don't know why I post covers, think about this: a cover is a way for old music to be revitalized,  redone, and reborn. New styles, new art, and new sounds come from the covers and its a great experience to listen to a song in a completely different context. Sometimes the covers are similar, sometimes they are rediculously different. But covers allow people to realize that music is not static, it is ever changing. No performance should be completely the same. When you read sheet music you are playing whats written, when you are preforming your playing what you know, feel, and want to play. Thats why I post covers.

here is this weeks cover(s)

First off we have a great cover of a The Beatles While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
Harrison's composition gets a wonderful solo guitar treatment that is both beautiful and remeniscent of the original.I do not know much about this artist other than what he says before he preforms. I would like to know more, so if you have any information please leave a comment.

this is Jake Shimabukuro playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Originally by the Beatles)

Jake Shimabukuro-While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Originally by the Beatles)
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For the Second cover, I thought it would be great to pay tribute to Bob Dylan in the form of Reggae. I know what your thinking... Why the hell would you mix those two together? I was skeptical too, until I heard this cover of Ain't No Man Righteous. It works, and it's a great tune to try to ease into the summer season. This song came from a CD called Covers of Dylan's Gospel Songs. Give it a listen!

Here is Jah Malla performing Ain't No Man Righteous.
Jah Malla-Ain't No Man Righteous (Bob Dylan Cover)
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