Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Humpday Covers: Summer Special

This week Humpday Covers is proud to announce that it is having a Summer Special.

The start of summer break is just around the corner. In fact, this time next week I will be done with school for the year! Celebrate with me by listening to these covers! Some may just blow your mind-hole!

First Aid Kit -
The Swedish duo have done some rather amazing work recently. However, what really attracted my ears recently is their cover of the Fleet Foxes track titled "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song". First Aid Kit exploits the songs harmonies and create a unique cover that uses thier own strengths. (i.e. sing like angels with really awesome ranges) All in all this track is as awesome as the Fleet Foxes track, if not better. Use this song as a gateway to get into some of First Aid Kit's other stuff. If you like First Aid Kit, you should hear their album Drunken Trees.

First Aid Kit - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes cover)
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Joey Ramone -

We all know the Ramones sound. For this next cover think about a Ramones version of the easy going classic "What A Wonderful World". Sure it may be over the top... sure it may sound like all of the other Ramones songs... But that doesnt mean it is a bad cover. In fact, I think Joey Ramone deserves some credit on this cover. Its exactly what we want it to sound like.

Joey Ramone - What A Wonderful World (cover)
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Michael Franti & Spearhead with the Gift Of Gab -

Michael Franti covers the Sublime classic "What I Got". Now for some reason Sublime always reminds me of Summer. It could be because of the laidback mellowness of Sublime...almost perfect to just sit back by the beach. Franti and Co. turn "What I Got" into a slightly more reggae version while giving proper respect to Sublime. (Which makes perfect sense because the track is off of a Tribute to Sublime)

Michael Franti & Spearhead with Gift Of Gab - What I Got (Sublime Cover)
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Isaac Hayes-
Ahhh the late great Isaac Hayes. Everyone knows this mans signature deep bass voice, now pair that with some Bob Dylan and you have some suprisingly good baby making music...Just in time for the summer. Isaac Hayes managed to turn "Lay Lady Lay" into a completely different song, one that I bet even Dylan would be satisfied with.

Isaac Hayes - Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan cover)
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-Happiness Is A Warm Gun

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