Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella!

North Carolina native, Ben Folds has once again experimented with a new musical style and has come out on top. His new album is as experimental as Fear of Pop Vol. 1, but this time instead of experimenting with instruments and production, Folds has toured around the country to find A Capella groups to pick sing his sounds.

Seeing that I spent a good deal of high school studying music and singing, Ben Fold's new project University A Capella! is very exciting. In recent years A Capella has been slowly creeping into the indie scene. More and more groups are covering indie artists like Animal Collective and Fleet Foxes. The end result is something that is magical because all of the sounds are coming from human voices. The harmonies, beat boxing, and the obvious choral talent in this album is a testament to all A Capella groups. I am sure this album will inspire others to take up singing other indie artists in A Capella.

This disc grows on you and is something that is truly something to be proud of. This disc is the reason why music should still be taught in schools. I sincerely hope that you will listen to this album. Even if you are not a A Capella Fan, or a Ben Folds fan, you can still appreciate this albums message.

You can listen to the whole album streaming from Ben Fold's iLike page, Or you can listen to local UNCG's Spartone's version of Not The Same (Which happens to be the first song on the album) Right here.

Not The Same (The Spartones from Univ of N Carolina Greensboro) - From Ben Fold's presents University A Capella!

Remember that Ben Fold's presents University A Capella! comes out this Tuesday 4/28.
Please go out and buy this album! Seriously.

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