Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Discovered: Ronald Jenkees

During my last radio show of the semester I had a caller tell me that I should check out this guy he found on youtube. His name was Ronald Jenkees. I wrote down the name and decided to check him out once I got back to my house. Well, we all know what happens when we put something in our pockets...It gets lost until laundry day!

As I was cleaning out my pockets I came across the name and decided that I have to check this guy out. I found myself on youtube looking at a guy who addresses his viewers as youtubers in a high somewhat country-ish accent. So far, not impressed. It took me approximately 30 seconds for me to completely change my mind. However, it wasn't enough for me to go out and buy his album.

Then I came across this video:

It completely blew me away, and as a result I now own his album.

Ronald is a master at Fruity Loops and he is also a really good pianist.
I am anxious to see how his career is going to pan out. I hope he starts playing with bands like STS9 and Lotus. If you really dig Girl Talk, Dan Deacon, STS9, and Lotus you will probably dig this dude.

Listen to Ronald Jenkees
Ronald Jenkees - STS9 Collab
Ronald Jenkees - Clutter

Remember if you digg this buy his stuff!


  1. Yep, Ronald kicks ass, especially this song.

  2. Ronald Jenkees is simply the King of Everything. He is the butter on your brickle, pal. He is the spring in your shock. No matter which way you go, Ronald got there first and owns the all the copyrights. If there's someone out there better than Ronald, we'd never know it because such a being simply could not exist in three dimensions. Probably not even in four. RJ slightly alters the space/time continuum every time he laces them up, and who knows where we'd be today without him. Long live the King!

  3. RJ has added something to my world.



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