Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Just In: Blackmore's Night

If you are new to this blog, last week I introduced a new weekly segment that will continue until the end of the collegiate school year.

This week I found this new CD in the stacks: Blackmore's Night - Secret Voyage

This is a really interesting band with a really interesting concept: A Modern take on the music of Medieval England. Now before I continue let me inform you that this band is made up of ex-Deep Purple Guitarist Riche Blackmore and Candice Night!!

These songs have a gypsy feel, medieval sound, and ballads.

Very interesting stuff, great performance work but not really my cup of tea...

Here is God Save the Keg which is an instrumental that goes into the up tempo track Looked Within The Crystal Ball.

Take a Listen and As Always if you like it, Buy it!

Blackmore's Night - God Save the Keg
Blackmore's Night - Looked Within The Crystal Ball

buy Blackmore's Night

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